• Are you the Official Dragon Fireworks Inc.?

      No, we are an e-Distributor and Offline Distributor for Dragon Fireworks’ products for 15 years, we deliver door-to-door in Greater Luzon. We also provide Package Rates for Weddings and Events. Please see Professional Services to know more.

    • How do I purchase from your website?

      Please visit our Buying Guide

    • Which areas do you cover?

      Metro Manila: All areas
      North: Meycauayan, Marilao, SJ del Monte
      East: Cainta, Antipolo, Taytay, San Mateo, Angono, Rodriguez
      South: Bacoor, San Pedro, Biñan, Imus, Dasmariñas, Carmona, Rosario, Cabuyao, Santa Rosa, Kawit, Noveleta, Cavite City, Calamba, Silang

      Please visit our Shipping Policy page to know more.

    • Do you also do Pyromusical Shows?

      Yes. Please Contact Us for our packages and rates.

    • Do you have the same rates for Professional Services compared to Dragon Fireworks Inc.?

      Yes, we have the same rates. Please see Professional Services to know more.

    • Do you accept credit cards?

      Yes, via Paypal Checkout. Exchange rates will be based on Paypal’s rates

    • How many days can I receive my orders from your site?

      Please give us 24hrs for greater Metro Manila and up to 2-3days outside Metro Manila within our Standard Service Area only.
      Due to volume of demand we get in such a short period of time, we highly recommend that you order earlier for proper planning of our partner logistics’ route, especially to those outside our Standard Service Area, so we can service you all.

      Please understand that there’ll be risks involved on the client’s end if your orders are placed on the 31st.

      Please make sure to process your payment and get verified for your transaction by sending us proof of payment if cash deposit was made, please send deposit slip to for monitoring purposes.

      Holiday Fees apply if your orders will be delivered on a Holiday.
      December 30th and 31st is a Holiday, so we have holiday fees for delivery. Please see our Shipping Policy to know more.

    • Do you deliver on December 31 before New Year's Eve?

      Yes, but on December 31st we will deliver until 11pm for the safety of our Partner Logistics, these are orders made on the 30th and until 1pm on the 31st.
      Please note there’s a risk invloved to deliver on the 31st if you placed your order the same day, due to the volume of demand we get in such a short period of time. Please make sure to place your orders a day before or 24hrs before if you’re in our Standard Service area.
      Please see our Shipping Policy to see our Standard Service areas. If you’re outside our Standard Service area, please note that there’s a risk on the client’s end to receive the items on time.

    • Why are you cheaper than Mall Pricing?

      Simply because we don’t have rental expenses. Hence, the price difference, but we have shipping rates. So it’s a fair play.

    • Why is your shipping fee higher than most?

      We all know that Pyrotechnic Devices are flammable items and we need to take extra precaution with our Partner Logistics.

    • How much is your shipping fee?

      Standard Delivery Rates

       Within Standard Delivery Area

      Outside Standard Delivery Area


      Non Holiday Non Holiday
      0 - 15kg 388

      CALL US

      15.1 - 30kg 288
      30.1-40kg 188
      40.1kg & above FREE SHIPPING

      *for outside Standard Delivery Area please CALL USand we can further discuss the shipping rates

    • How do we use fireworks?

      Please see our How-to Guide and Safety Tips before igniting our products. Make sure to also read instructions in our packaging.

    • Can you do “door-to-door” delivery or home delivery?

      Yes, we can deliver in Greater Luzon as long as NO inter-island transfer. We encourage most of our clients to buy online for a hassle-free experience. Please see our Shipping Policy page to see which areas we can cover.

    • Why do you only ship items during specific days?

      Part of what we do is Route Planning. We gather orders and plan the routes of our clients' addresses, so we can deliver efficiently. As long as you're address will be part of the same batch or near the same location, then you can expect your orders delivered at your doorsteps. We are doing this in order to give you the lowest shipping rate possible.

    • What's your delivery schedule?

      Delivery Schedules
      We deliver orders every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. If you wish your orders to arrive on a specific date, please make sure you order at least 3 days before your preferred date of delivery.
      For DECEMBER 27-30 (we deliver whole day)

      DECEMBER 31 (cut-off of orders outside Metro Manila until 11am only )

    • Do you sell Colored Smoke Flares?

      Yes - Duration: 25-30sec, Available Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Purchase them here. But please make sure to call us first to check stock availability.

    • Can I hold a Colored Smoke Flare?

      Yes, you may hold it, but we highly urge you to still follow safety precautions when using it to prevent inhalation of the product. These are still chemicals and we don’t want to compromise one’s health.

    • Do you have a MINIMUM ORDER?

      Yes, minimum of P1000.00 plus shipping fee applies. Maximum of P500,000.00
      Beyond 50,000php worth of products shall have a special delivery support directly from our company.

    • Do you sell Judas Belt and Skyrockets?

      Not anymore. Considered Phased out products. We are complying with Order No.28

    • Do you send price list for Consumer Line Products?

      Yes, just send us your email address and we can send you our pricing or simply log on to our page to know more. For inquiries, please email

    • Our area has great foot traffic, how can I become your dealer and sell on the streets?

      Please send us an email of intent at or via and we’ll send procedures on how to set up your first stall.

    • I want to become your Affiliate Marketer, how can I sell your products online?

      Please send us an email of intent at or via and we’ll send procedures on how become one of our Affiliate Marketers for Online. You may also CALL US